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You want to go or return to the United States, but you lost your ESTA file? The direction of the U.S. Homeland Security offers you the opportunity to make a new application to replace the lost folder . It is still necessary that you remember your old password , because they will be useful for the declaration of loss as to the renewal application folder.


 ESTA folder , a new formality to travel to the United States

The United States are known to be strict security . Since 2010, all persons traveling under the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP ) must carry a folder ESTA to travel to the usa.

In the absence of this document, they can not embark on a sea or air carrier signatory VWP . In case of admission to the United States would be in a free carrier, you must provide your U.S. Immigration ESTA folder upon arrival.


 Approaches to deal with a lost file ESTA

The law governing the ESTA allows travelers to reapply if he has lost his case. This application must however be preceded by a declaration of loss to the competent authority . Following the declaration of loss wise , you will need later reapply for ESTA .

In this case, you must remember your old ID . If you obtained your authorization via a dedicated website , their helpline is willing to accompany you in all the steps for you to get a replacement for your lost file ESTA .


 The free printed ESTA is required for travel

The U.S. immigration service suggests that foreign nationals traveling or in preparation for their trip to the United States to print their ESTA folder to anticipate controls that can occur before, during or after the trip. It is recommended that travelers to this document in a safe place .

If possible, keep another ESTA printed in addition to that you will bring with you during your trip. On the website below , get a printed ESTA after your submission is possible free of charge . You will not have to pay an additional charge to print your file once your travel authorization obtained via the website.


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Subscribe to the ESTA online

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