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The permanent resident card in the U.S. called green card can also be acquired through the lottery that the U.S. government organizes each year. This card allows non-US citizens to live and work legally without a visa in the USA.


 How to get your green card

Each year, nearly 55,000 visas that the U.S. distribute free lottery participants allowing them to leave with his wife and children to the USA. Filling the form of participation by exclusively in English on the website of the program, several other sites have specialized in providing tailored assistance provided to make the request.

The lottery is a program to draw put online and that allows all citizens of the world to participate.

But in case of doubt or proven difficulties preventing you complete and properly submit your registration form , your chances of success become insistent . It is to avoid these types of situations you need to get help. Form filling is not completely accessible to all, any incomplete or poorly worded entry is automatically disqualified. The result is expected in early May of the year following that in which you have participated in the game


That won t be participating in the lottery green card?

We win the lottery is the only proof encouraging people to participate. Nothing is gained but a VISA for you and your family to go to the USA . But once selected following the draw , all is not finished yet .

There is a procedure leading to the issuance by the services of the U.S. Embassy in your home country , your visa allowing you to board an airline to the USA. The U.S. government does not support the charges relating to your participation in the program process .

Therefore , it is requested that all shortlisted to provide sufficient financial means to support themselves once arrived in the USA .


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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