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To go to the United States, the traveler must have the required documents such as the transport ticket , passport and visa. In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security U.S. took a new provision for foreigners, it is the ESTA .

With this document , the traveler does not have to provide visa. This document is not a visa , it allows only the owner to embark on a boat or a plane bound for the United States . Only citizens of countries enjoying this application can benefit from this privilege.


 How to apply for ESTA travel document ?

To receive a free visa application , the traveler must make a prior request before departure. Knowing that the ESTA form is available on the internet , the traveler must go on specialized sites to perform the process.

To do this, he must fill out a form that is similar to the old green form. Although the online form is generally in English , some sites offer it in different languages ​​to help travelers answer the questions .


 For ESTA application do I pay the application?

At the beginning of its establishment , the ESTA was free, nowadays document is chargeable. The price of form includes the cost of processing the application and charges accruing to U.S. authorities.

If you go through a specialized website available in several languages ​​, with assistance , the price of an application will be between 40 and 60 € .

The applicant must pay this amount to validate the application . It is advised to obtain verification of the responses before sending the document. Note that all errors concerning the identity or passport lead the applicant to reapply . It will pay back the corresponding administrative costs.


 What is the validity of the travel authorization for the USA?

From the moment the travel authorization for the U.S. is granted, it is valid for two years. Its owner can make several trips in the U.S. during this time as his passport has not expired .

Otherwise , he will have to redo a new application and even if two years have not yet elapsed . Renewal of a passport systematically requires a new ESTA application .


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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