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For future trips to the United States, you must obtain the ESTA visa . Unlike visas themselves, for this step , you will have to fill out a standard form , available on the Internet and answer questions about admission requirements and pay for validating the application using your credit card.


Difference between ESTA and visa

The trip to the United States without a visa is only with obtaining a ESTA . The ESTA is not a visa in itself. This is an authorization form similar to I-94W travel . The difference is that the ESTA is electronic.

It can not only get to travel by plane or boat. In the case of admission to the United States by land boundaries, obtaining the ESTA is not required by the U.S. government . The traveler will however need to complete a form on arrival to stay.


 A trip to the usa with ESTA , why?

Travel with ESTA is only for admission into the United States by air or by sea , whether it is a journey of only a temporary or transit . Obtaining this approval is reserved for members of the public close VWP countries, such as France , Japan and England.

Just as with a B-1 and B-2 visa, ESTA only allows a stay of less than 90 days to USA . However, this step is valid for two years, until the expiry of the passport. It allows multiple admissions in the USA. The traveler has the opportunity to leave the U.S. for return then .


 Visa for usa or ESTA , how to get

To obtain a visa , you must submit an application at the Consulate General of the United States . ESTA electronic form is available on the internet.

To obtain permission to travel , the traveler must complete the electronic form from the website offering the submission and submit the form properly filled after paying fees by credit card. The file processing is fast . Usually, agents DHS meet the demand on the day of receipt of the file.


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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