Second trip to the U.S. with ESTA


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Procedures to get to the usa are now simple with the ESTA . This document was originally established to protect travelers . It also allows all citizens of participating countries to travel without visa. Longer need to spend several hours waiting in embassies or even move since you can get your travel authorization in minutes making your application on the Internet.


 Some explanations about traveling with ESTA

In 2008 , the U.S. government decided to strengthen security at its borders. A more rigorous monitoring system is now applied to persons entering their territory.

In exchange for information that passengers share before their departure , they receive a pass allowing them to travel to the U.S. without a visa. It is in this context that the ESTA for the day. The request can only be made online.

You can ask specialized sites to make the application process for you. This is an all-inclusive assistance and follow until your application which will cost between 40 € and 50 € with government fees service.


 Travel to the usa without a visa is this possible?

In 2009 , it was decreed that the ESTA was now mandatory. Travelers from 36 countries who participate must request this document they want to travel without a visa. ESTA is however not available to all travelers.

Indeed, only tourists or people traveling on business can make the request . The length of stay is as important as the journey should not exceed 90 days. ESTA is an official document , but that said, you do not have to have it on you . The system manages automatically transmits your ESTA status to the travel company . It is important to educate yourself before you book your ticket as airlines and shipping companies do not participate in all the ESTA .


 A second trip with ESTA , what options?

Your travel authorization is valid for a period of two years . The maximum stay is 90 days per trip. However, it is possible to make several trips 90 days in the same year and with the same ESTA .

You can make as many trips as you like , a second trip , third and so on during his two years as long as you follow the 90 days that you are given . Warning , this period may be shortened by the length of validity of your passport. If necessary, do not hesitate to renew your passport before you apply .


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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