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With all the procedures to obtain a visa , traveling abroad are sometimes discouraging. You’d probably be interested to know that there is a Visa Waiver Programme implemented by the United States and benefit to this day a little more than thirty countries around the world. If your destination is Canada or the USA , you ‘ll need to know the following information about ESTA official document .


 Is that all countries offer a system like ESTA for travelers ?

So far, there are only a few countries like the United States, Australia or Canada that have implemented such a program. This does not mean that the regulations thereunder are the same.

It is best to read carefully the regulations. The European Union is planning to implement a similar system. For the USA , there are now 36 countries participating .

For Canada, there are only 3 : England, Belgium and Switzerland. If you go directly to Canada and you are from one of these 3 countries, you can travel without a visa. By using the document ESTA , your stay should not exceed 90 days and your passport must be valid throughout your stay.


 In the case of a stopover in the U.S. before traveling to Canada , the official document ESTA is mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory. If you intend to go through the USA , that is to say, in transit or stopover. In this case, you should apply for the ESTA official document or a visa if your country does not participate in the program.

It should be noted that only nationals of countries participating in the program for a U.S. visa exemption may apply .

For your convenience , you’ll find some sites that have specialized vocations to submit your request for travel authorization. Rates including fees and government fees are often between 40 € and 60 € . When applying ESTA , you are obliged to mention your final destination , even if it is outside of U.S. borders.


 Is it necessary to print the document official ESTA ?

This is not mandatory, but it is safer to print . Once your ESTA application has been validated , your name and your status will be immediately sent to your travel company .

Although the ESTA is a digital document , it is nonetheless an official document that you can present as proof of good faith in case of problems .


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