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Wondering whether to spend money to get the ESTA for usa? Well, this is true since 8 September 2010 . Only travelers who visited the United States between January 12, 2009 and 2010 had the chance to travel to the United States without paying taxes.

 Any idea on the price of the ESTA usa

To obtain a visa for a country like the United States , the applicant must pay a fee before even getting an appointment at the U.S. Consulate General for an interview. For the ESTA must also pay in advance.

Payment is made online by credit card. While it costs six dollars to apply for travel authorization I-94W , estimate between 40 and 60 € the cost of ESTA through specialized sites. The rate generally varies according to the marketing policy of the site. Most sites allow travelers to apply for ESTA while providing support and assistance as well as the translation of the French form .

 Pay the ESTA form credit card

Formality ESTA has been free for 20 months before being paid . Access to the form , however, remains free , the traveler must pay the fee when submitting the ESTA form.

Note, however, that only the means of payment by credit card is accepted. It should thus be linked to a credit card in order to apply for travel authorization to go to the U.S. bank account. In the case of a group application, the payment is made in one fell swoop with a single credit card.

 Pay in euro ESTA visa

From England , as well as from other countries of the European Union, it is not necessary to convert the currency into U.S. dollars.

It is the site through which the applicant completed the form that supports the conversion of the dollar into euros for the submission of the application to the Department of Homeland Security United States. In fact, unlike the visa is the DHS that supports the issuance of the ESTA usa for foreign nationals in preparation for their trip to the USA .


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