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A new entry formality in the U.S. was set up in early 2009, which was still free time until 8 September 2010. Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA ) is an application that must be carried on the Internet to obtain authorization to travel to the United States.

The ESTA application includes fees and taxes. On specialized sites , the price of the 2013 ESTA declaration may vary. In all cases an application may be made without the payment of fees .


 Price ESTA declaration 2013

ESTA , now paid, has a term of two years provided that the passport does not expire before the deadline . The price of the ESTA declaration has so far remained the same on many sites.

So , if you ask this authorization in 2013 on specialized sites , the amount will vary between 40 and 50 € . Payment is made on the website where you made your application.


 ESTA in 2013 what are the changes

Nothing has changed in 2013 for the ESTA , we always provide us the request for authorization of travel before we fly to the United States. The technical approach has not changed .

You must complete the document ESTA followed by a questionnaire. When the declaration will be granted , you will receive an email , followed by an allocation number you will have for your travels in the usa for 2 years.


 The ESTA form questionnaire in 2013 he changed

In 2013, the ESTA form always has the same content. Requested information are those of the passport, plane ticket followed by several questions about the trip. If you want to get this authorization in time, it is advisable to fill the form 72 hours before departure.

Questions regarding the surname and passport references remain the most important elements . If you made a mistake at this level you will need to re-apply form . Everyone is affected by the ESTA form 2013 , except children under the age of 8 months. All persons traveling must sign an application for ESTA .


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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