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To enjoy visa waiver program , you must apply for ESTA . The request is made online by completing the questionnaire via a specific site. You are free to fill out this online form whenever you want before your departure date . However, there is a pseudo reporting deadline to meet.


 Reporting period ESTA , how many days ?

ESTA declaration must be made before leaving the United States . It is recommended that travelers make the request at least 3 days before departure. This deadline applies both to an individual statement for a group statement .

For this formality travel , the declaration procedure is simple. The requested information is similar to the paper I-94W form that was in effect . Answers to questions must be in English .


 Apply ESTA usa

To come to the USA , a foreign national member of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP ) must apply for ESTA . This travel authorization is different visas. It is issued by the Department of Homeland Security United States , not by the U.S. Consulate . The request is made by filling a simple form and sending electronic monitoring of settlement costs incurred.

DHS officials do not take more than three days to process the file before sending a return to the applicant. Sometimes the response is obtained on the day of submission of the application . However, it is always advisable to request well before the trip.


 Why usa ESTA was introduced

For those who do not know, ESTA is none other than the optimized version of the green form. ESTA usa was created in order to protect the safety of passengers traveling to the United States.

With this step , the direction of Homeland Security can determine whether a foreign national wishing to come into the United States or not a potential danger.

That is why this step is required for both transit passengers and for those who are in preparation for a short stay (90 days maximum) in the USA. This formality , however, concerns the trip by plane or boat.


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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