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Before travel and tread the soil of a foreign country , you must obtain prior an authorization . This is the reason for the visa. But since 2009 , the United States has implemented a new formality Travel : ESTA .

Although it is similar to the visa , it is valid only under certain conditions issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration Service . Mandatory ESTA form can be obtained from specialist site. ESTA determines if the passenger is a threat or not the safety of passengers bound for the USA .


 ESTA : a mandatory form for English

Although the ESTA has almost the same features as the visa , only a few people can benefit such as English , Belgian or Swiss . England is one of the member countries of the visa waiver program .

This form of mandatory travel is essential to the English who want to make a trip to the United States by air or by boat.


 Apply for ESTA

An application for ESTA is exclusively online. This travel document is an electronic document, which implies that all the steps to take are on the Internet. To apply for this travel authorization , you are obliged to answer all questions .

Never fear, the information you share on the site will remain confidential and will be used wisely by the competent authorities . In addition, to continue your efforts , you will have to follow the instructions posted for you.


 Get ESTA for USA

An ESTA for usa is obtained after sending your request. All possible answers obtained , in order to travel , an automated message telling you to obtain your authorization shall send you . Once your consent is obtained, it will be valid for two years.

This means that you will just get a ticket to go to the United States. Once getting your travel authorization , we recommend that you print the email receipt containing your number. This will facilitate your boarding a boat or a plane to the USA. Nevertheless, it must not be forgotten that the ESTA is valid only if your stay in the U.S. does not exceed 90 days.


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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