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Perpetrated on the American territory terrorist attacks prompted the Department of Homeland Security to establish the formality of ESTA . This travel authorization has been implemented from September 8, 2010. To get to us, the citizens of the countries grouped under the visa waiver program are required to obtain such permission .

It is their required when boarding an airplane or a ship bound for the United States . The validity of the document ESTA is two years unless the traveler’s passport expires before this time .


 Where can I find the form ESTA ?

Available on the Internet , the form ESTA is an electronic document. The traveler is required to perform several days before his departure . ESTA replaces the old green form that travelers met during the trip. Both forms require roughly the same information.

Unlike that one was on paper , and other electronics . As the traveler must complete the ESTA form before shipping for usa. Before submitting the application form, you must verify the information he listed to avoid any errors and refusal by the authorities.


 In case of loss of ESTA , how do we find it?

ESTA is a number allocated to each request granted. Specialized sites always recommend travelers to print the document ESTA once it got . He used them before , during and after the trip. This is actually not mandatory, but have in print accelerate controls border post offices .

In case the traveler lose its printed , the only way to recover is to use the ID that has been granted her number. It is a code that allows the owner to find his document. Simply enter in the system.


 Find ESTA on specialized sites is free?

On the ESTA site , the traveler can find his free travel authorization using his number. He did not have to pay anything to perform an update or for her ESTA .

It should be noted that if the traveler loses his number, it is no longer possible to use the find . He must make a new application for ESTA . This means that it must again pay the fees and taxes thereon.


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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