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In order to enhance the safety of passengers , but especially the U.S. territory , the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has established ESTA . This is a travel authorization to go to the united states without a visa. This is not a visa. It only allows the traveler to board with a sea or airline.

With ESTA , it can stay in the usa for up to 90 days for tourist purposes , family , or business. From September 8, 2010 , nationals of countries benefiting from visa waiver program are required to have this document in order to leave the United States . The validity of the ESTA is two years . The traveler may make several trips to the United States during this period.


 How can we access the ESTA ?

All those who benefit from the visa exemption may apply for ESTA travel authorization online. Several specialized websites offer the ESTA fee folder varies between 40-60 euros. Although the form is in English, these sites have a translation into several languages.

This , for passengers to fill without difficulty. It should be noted that they can apply for authorization at any time prior to departure. The final deadline is 72 hours before the day of departure. Without this document, the transport companies are being forced to deny boarding to the individual.


 How the traveler can he confirm the validity of the ESTA ?

The ESTA remains valid for two years from the date it was granted. It may happen that the owner forgets that date if it does not print in his possession.

For those who have not printed the form, means to verify the validity is simple. Simply log on to the site where you make the request. You will find all the information.

The expiry date of the ESTA is marked on the document. The ability to forget the expiry date is one of the reasons that led the U.S. authorities to recommend bidders to print their authorization once it has been granted.


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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