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The device is an alternative esta visa . To achieve this, it is recommended to make a formal request online. Unlike a visa , to resort to esta does not require travel to the U.S. embassy. Simply connect to a specialized site and fill out the form esta . This is also why we say that is a esta electronic travel document .


 How to make a formal request for esta

An application can be esta on specialized sites . This formal request takes the form of form as the old green form. The most important step is to complete the document and answer any questions .

The main issues revolve around the identity, purpose of travel and the record of the applicant immigration on American soil .

The answers provided should be verified to facilitate the processing of your application. But before you can make a formal request esta there are certain conditions to be met .


 Formalities associated with a formal request for esta

Before you can enjoy the rights associated with the esta will require that the applicant first enters the criteria for obtaining . Namely, belong to one of the program countries visa waiver .

The complete list of these countries is available on the site you will find at the bottom of page. Aside from the question of belonging, it also requires that the applicant is in possession of an electronic or biometric passport.

These are the only types supported program passport. Once the application is completed and permission granted, it is important to know that a trip with the esta is attached to certain constraints.


 Constraints demand esta

Traveling with the official visa gives some freedom to the user since it can choose the date of your stay and the nature of his journey. By cons , traveling with the esta brings some constraints to its holder. Notably, the duration of the trip must not exceed 90 days.

It is stated that esta travel must be for the sake of tourism , family or business. It is under these conditions that you can make your request .


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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