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The visa is an official travel document, but since 2009 , the U.S. implemented ESTA usa. This document is a mandatory travel for nationals of countries dependent on the visa waiver program . ESTA was introduced by the Immigration Service and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in order to enhance the safety of passengers , but especially the United States. This formality travel identifies each traveler as it is in the form of a questionnaire in which the applicant his identity and provides information about him and his journey to the usa. It is from the information provided that the travel authorization is granted or not.

 Formalities related to ESTA for a new journey

To travel to the United States with the document ESTA , the traveler must complete two procedures. His journey should only take place in a tourist or business context . For other reasons , the applicant is obliged to make a formal request for a visa at the U.S. Embassy. It is prohibited for travelers to gainful employment after arrival. Also, the stay does not exceed 90 days. The applicant must also take into account the condition of his passport. Although nationality allows him to apply ESTA , all passports are not recognized by the program. The applicant must hold an electronic or biometric passport.

 The price to pay for ESTA application usa

There is an additional step for successful ESTA application . It is to overcome the fee and tax related . The amount varies from one site to another , but is generally between 40 and 60 euros. Despite the cost of U.S. government website , the price is still affordable compared to a visa . Payment is made on site.


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