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In its fight against terrorism , Americans have taken some steps especially as regards the conditions of entry of foreigners into their territory. It is in this climate that the ESTA was introduced. The ESTA form is a document reserved only for entries by sea or air. For Canadian citizens , a slightly different ESTA special regime has been established as the border between the two countries is land .


 A small reminder on the ESTA form

ESTA ( Waiver Program U.S. visa ) was established in 2008 to enhance the security of transport aircraft and boat. Today , 36 countries participate fully . The ESTA is not a visa , but it is an authorization allowing foreigners to travel without visas to border crossing .

From there, the passport takes over. For this reason it is advisable to have a valid passport for a reading machine as with biometric , electronic or optical passports.

Note that the latter must have been issued before 26 October 2005 . ESTA is granted to persons who visit the United States for tourism or to conduct business . You may have noticed that Canada is not part of the 36 countries participating in the program . Indeed , Canada has a very different system like Mexico for which the entry into the United States by land is possible.


 What should Canadian citizens if they want to visit or transit the United States ?

In all countries of the world , the passport is the key to cross a border . It is a recognized document that allows you to easily identify when you set foot outside your country. With respect to Canadian citizens , they do not need to submit the ESTA .

However, they must present a passport must be valid until the day they leave the United States. And for whatever reason they travel or the means of transport used: sea, air or land .

The passport is mandatory, regardless of the age of the passenger . This obligation applies even if they remain in the U.S. as a stopover . To go faster as they cross the customs , they can use their Nexus card if they have at their disposal. This card is not mandatory . Without a passport , they may present with a driver’s license or identification card if they never travel by sea or if they hit the road.


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Subscribe to the ESTA online

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