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For security reasons , the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has implemented since September 2010 an ESTA travel authorization called electronic system. Only citizens of member countries of the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP ) can benefit from this privilege.

Through this step , visitors can embark for the usa on a boat or on a plane for a business or tourist stay up to 90 days . They can make their travel without a visa. The procedure for making a request for authorization is simple. The answer is almost immediate . Three answers are possible : either it is granted or denied or pending.


 What should I do if my license application pending ?

When the request is granted, the traveler is allowed to embark for the United States . If it is rejected , it has no choice but to go to the embassy to apply for a visa. In cases where it is pending, the traveler must wait 72 hours to know the fate of his application.

Not to upset the travel plans , it is recommended that travelers making his application for leave several days before departure. U.S. authorities to ensure that applications ESTA are more than 80% granted. However , it is best to apply as early as possible to avoid unexpected .


 The passport he leads the agreement or not the application for authorization ?

To complete the ESTA application , the traveler must provide information on his passport. In case of error , it is required to reapply .

It is important to know that some British passports are not allowed to make a trip to the united states under the visa waiver program . These include emergency or temporary are not accepted by the electronic passports.

With this type of passport, the British citizens can not go to usa with ESTA . They are forced to take a visa. They can not be granted their ESTA application by using this type of passport.


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