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If you plan to leave the United States for business, vacation or single transit , you must complete an ESTA document before leaving. This replaces the formality was to contact the Consulate General of the United States for a visa B- 1 or B-2. This formality travel is required since the last quarter of 2010 entries by plane or boat.


 What document ESTA

The year 2009 was a year of reform U.S. immigration . It was in 2009 that was created and implemented document ESTA . It is a document which nationals of member countries in the visa waiver program to come to the United States. This application is valid in the context of a trip of less than 90 days.

Similar to green form , this electronic document is reserved for admission by sea or by air in the United States . It must be in good standing before the traveler’s departure . Transport companies collaborate with the United States for the application of VWP . They require travelers presenting this document to board the plane or boat .


 Should we fill the ESTA for U.S.

To come to the United States without a visa B- 1 or B-2 , you must complete the ESTA . Filling the questionnaire should be well before the scheduled departure to the United States. This electronic document and the Form I- 94W require the same information.

He asks you to identify yourself, give your place of residence, provide information on your health , on your criminal record and on your trip ( route , destination, type of trip, etc. . ) . Websites that offer the ESTA form make available to travelers a helpdesk .


 Difference between ESTA and visa B

Unlike the B visa , ESTA allows multiple admissions in the United States . Indeed , the document has ESTA is valid for two years , until its cancellation or expiration of the passport. During this time, you are free to come to the United States for business, vacation or family reasons without having to reapply .

In case of change of gender, identity, country of residence, route or destination , however, you need to update your ESTA . To do this, you must go to the website where you made your application. There is a section to update the ESTA you previously validated .


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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