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The certificate ESTA is an alternative form of travel visa. It is used by nationals of countries benefiting from visa waiver program with the United States . These citizens may, therefore , have recourse to the certificate ESTA to travel to the usa.

It should be noted that this document was established jointly by the Immigration Service and the Department of Homeland Security USA . This in order to control all the people who go to the United States. All applications submitted to the U.S. ESTA control are not automatically granted. For this, the profile of the applicant should present no threat to other passengers.


 Questions concerning the certificate ESTA for usa

The certificate ESTA for usa is in the form of an online questionnaire . That is to say that for the post , the applicant must answer each question.

The first disclosures are the traveler’s identity , namely: name, date of birth and passport references . The applicant must have an electronic or biometric passport , because the automated system does not recognize the old paper passport .

It must also move data on your trip, as the flight number and destination address, all in English . Issues related to admission criteria in the USA it will be asked to determine the applicant’s eligibility for the program.


 Deadlines for the application of ESTA

U.S. officials to suggest its application for certification ESTA at least 72 hours before departure. However it can be done at any time, the trip to the USA is done soon or not .

The period of three days is to be respected for sending the certificate ESTA because it may happen that the request is queued to be analyzed in more detail by the immigration authorities . In this case, the applicant will receive a final response within 72 hours. The traveler must log on to the dedicated website to see if the travel authorization was denied or granted.


 How much does the certificate ESTA for USA:

On most sites specializing ESTA costs between 40 and 60 euros. Prices include various taxes, fees and other services assistants . The price of the certificate ESTA is relatively affordable in contrast to Visa which costs at least a hundred euros .

Because the certificate is an online form , payment of the tax is made ​​from the site with a credit card . This travel authorization is renewable every two years. Apply for ESTA is much more interesting than the official visa application .


Subscribe to the ESTA online

Subscribe to the ESTA online

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