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Comply with Section 217 (B ) of the Immigration Act and nationality , the candidate must travel deny any immigration presumption justifying evidence of his attachment to his country and of his intention to not to abandon his place of residence . A visa usa is a real Chinese puzzle . Thus, following the application procedure , you are able to get your U.S. visa for usa.


 Procedure of visa application

People such as children up to 13 years , those aged over 80 years may specifically apply for a visa by mail. Each visa applicant must complete Form DS -160 online on the internet on and print the confirmation page site.

The applicant shall pay the cost of visa application and must attach proof of payment (the original money account) to print the confirmation page . For those who must pay the fees, this money attach a cash amount. The passport must be authenticated and valid which we should attach a recent photograph .

Chronopost an envelope addressed to your address must be accompanied documents for the return of your passport. It should be noted that consular services shall not be held responsible for any loss or incomplete applications will not be processed. Processing time of the application for a visa is usually three working days and consular services provide no information about the progress of the file and do not guarantee the visa .

After examination of a visa application by mail, an interview may be required and the traveler will be informed of its progress . Depending on the type of visa application documents may be requested. Thus, for visa applicants C1 / D or I, it will be required to provide a certificate of paper work with company letterhead . For visa F, J or M I-20/DS-2019/DS-7002 provide original forms and payment receipt Sévis . The request shall be addressed to the consul of the United States in your country of residence.



Appointments are obtained via call centers or online and allocated in order of request . The embassy does not cover appointments .

It is the traveler to learn more about his record in addressing the call center or visit the embassy of usa. The site remains open 24h/24 and 7/7 and is available for anyone wishing to learn about his record or process visa application for usa.


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