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Posted on 19th mai 2014 by admin

Make your ESTA application online is possible from many sites. This is the main solution to your request. It takes a few minutes and you have your answer and your authorization number directly in your email box after a few minutes or even three days.


 How to apply for ESTA online

To apply for your ESTA online is very simple. Simply visit one of the many sites on the web. On the site you will find at the bottom of the page official questionnaire was translated into English , it will be very easy for you to fill , especially since he just check boxes yes or no.

You must then provide your details such as your passport number, date of completion , date of departure for the United States , name etc. . These are usually the information requested on the plane on the green sheet . ESTA procedure allows authorities to obtain this information before entering the country , and the system automatically accepts or denies entry to the United States based on the answers .

The questions are designed to enhance flight safety and ask if you have committed crimes with more than five years imprisonment, or if you have links with terrorist organizations . As you can see , there is no reason why you did not get the ESTA unless you answer yes . We must therefore complete the questionnaire correctly , although the specialized site checks your answers and contact you before submitting it to the authorities if he thinks that errors were committed.


 What if refusal ESTA ?

It is very rare to be denied this travel authorization , but if this happens, you can complete the questionnaire a second time on the internet and resubmit your request ten days later .


 What are the prices and the period of validity

Price on most online sites is between 45 and 65 € . Part of the cost will the U.S. government and another part for the site that processes your request, your stock information and provides you with full support , assistance and support in English .

The ESTA is valid for two years and allows you to travel three months on American soil without having to take visa .


 What if you lost your number?

If you have lost your ESTA number before the flight, you will be able to find it on the website with which you registered . You simply have to accommodate you all the information regarding your travel authorization.

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